Brake maintenance, how to replace the brakes?

Always check the brakes at 30,000 kilometers above fraying brakes, spend a greater price

Brakes and Ceramic Brake Pad replacement cycle has its own brake pads replacement cycle 50,000 km is the limit. As for the brakes, brake pad wear sometimes completed, it will wear brakes, worn to a certain extent, we have to change brakes. Thus, we should always check 30,000 km above the brake pads, brake discs to avoid wear and spend a greater price.

How to replace the brakes it, Kuju worry Xiao Bian, carding a little, how to change, from time to time just to prepare.

Safety Tips: Before fixing cars, you need to wear goggles, gloves and other personal protective equipment

Replace tool brakes need: jack, screwdriver, wrench fast, hedging

What specific steps?

1. Park the vehicle on a hard, flat surface.

2. Use a jack or lift to prop up the vehicle.

3. Loosen the tire screws, remove the wheels.

4. Loosen the screws fixing the brake wheel cylinders, brake wheel cylinders and brake pads removed.

5. Loosen the screws brakes with flange connections and remove the old brakes.

6. Replace with new brakes and tighten the screws.

7. Fixed brake cylinder and installed tires.

8. The other side of the Brake Pad Manufacturer replacement in accordance with the above procedure.

9. Road test and check the braking performance.